Violence against women

Over the past few months, we have been bombarded with words and images describing and depicting the disturbing acts that some aberrant men have perpetrated upon unsuspecting women. There has been the usual cacophony of discordant voices attempting to attribute blame: drugs and alcohol, poor childhoods, lack of education or the absence of male role models are some of the more pronounced of the feeble excuses offered for these disgusting deeds. There is also a chorus of suggestions for punishments, everything from education to castration. However, in all this noise I have not yet heard the simple and powerful words “I’m sorry.” So here they are . I’m sorry for the young Nigerian girls who were

Hunger Games and High School

As Hunger Games fever heats up our movie theatres again, students should notice that there are many lessons to be learned from the story that are directly applicable to their survival in the hallways, classroom and other social arenas, be they real or virtual. In the story, Katniss and crew find themselves thrust into a world where both brains and brawn are tested. Instead of being allowed to live like carefree teens, these young people are forced to fight to the death. From a student’s perspective, they are similarly condemned to a minimum of 11 years in the public or private school system. During a time when they are best equipped to be active, they are required to sit still and listen. Wh

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