Guns and schools

After the school shooting in Florida, students across the United States of America, and some students beyond the US borders, have been organizing, marching and crying out for change. It is pretty clear that the second amendment of the United States’ constitution will not be repealed without a civil war. There is not enough desire for change at the legislative level and there is not enough power for change at the societal level. Cynics say that if the murder of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School could not change laws, nothing will. Some sports stores have decided to ride the wave of public outrage by restricting the types of guns they will sell as well as by raising the required age lev


The #metoo movement has ignited flames around the world. With fire comes both heat and light – heat for those who have trespassed and light to show us a better way forward. This is good. Nefarious deeds should be revealed and perpetrators should be punished. The next step is to work towards preventative measures. The negative exposure of perpetrators from all strata and walks of life will undoubtedly act as a deterrent for some. However our over-crowded jails are proof that the fear of being caught is often ineffective. Some people may still believe that they are above the law. Others are frightfully ignorant of the law. Ultimately we know that it is impossible to legislate morality. If we a

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