Summer School

“But to go to school on a summer morn, Oh, it drives all joy away! Under a cruel eye outworn, The little ones spend the day in sighing and dismay” William Blake There are words that students loath more than ‘pop-quiz’ or ‘substitute teacher’. They are found in the often maligned phrase ‘summer school’! Some claim that the combination of these two words is an oxymoron much like ‘only choice’ and ‘clearly confused’! Ask high school students about the possibility of summer classes and they will respond perhaps less articulately than William Blake but undoubtedly with the same sentiment. By this time in the school year, many teachers will hang the threat of summer school over their students’ hea


High schools can be very confusing places at the best of times. However, there is no period of time more perplexing than during final exams. This is when the greatest expectations encounter the worst conditions. The weather is suddenly awesome. The snow and cold are finally gone and the warm sun is shining. In the school’s hallways, clothing is down to the bare minimums and exposed skin causes already confused hormones to hyperventilate. Students sit in classrooms looking longingly out the windows at the schoolyard and beyond. Their attention spans have dwindled to compete with that of a goldfish. Yet it is at this very tumultuous time that young people are expected to perform with precision

Dads can prevent bullying

Dads Can Prevent Bullying – James Watts Much has been written on the subject of bullying. Most writers correctly differentiate between the occasional school yard scuffle and the persistent and pernicious harassment of an individual. Some have tried to profile both the bullied and the bully and scorn is generally heaped upon the bystander. A plethora of ‘solutions’ have been offered and yet the problem persists. Worse, with social networking, the problem seems to be escalating. Having taught in a variety of settings both in Canada and in Africa and having been a high school Principal for 18 years I offer to the discussion both my empirical research and a simple solution. (That ought to raise

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