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Why EdPlus?


“I really do not have the words to thank you both and your excellent staff for the safe, respectful, loving and stimulating environment you have given Simon at a time when he needed it most.”

Lora – April 2011

“Thank you James and Kim for sticking by Nolan and teaching him not only academics but being important male and female role models in his life.”

Pat – July 2014

“James, thank you so much for listening to me in late June 2004.  Ben had been at (another school) and hadn't done well.  I didn't know what to do.  I saw an article about your school in The Gazette, cut it out and put it on the kitchen table.  I called you.  You spent an hour with me on the phone and convinced me to at least try summer school for Ben.  It was a major turning point in Ben's life.  There are no words to describe the impact of that telephone conversation.  You and your school, your teachers and the rest of your staff were so important in helping Ben to recognize his learning style, how to deal with it, how to adapt to it, how to be happy and confident.  Your whole approach has remained with Ben.  He still talks about it to this day.”

Viola – July 2010

“Ameena admires the maturity level of the students and how they are encouraged to think and express themselves.  She told me that she doesn't recall having carried out a fruitful, one-on-one conversation with a school director before.  I know that Ameena has finally found a place that she happily and proudly calls ‘my school’.”  

Hala – April 2014

“What you do is very important.  You help kids get their confidence back.  You help them see that failure is just part of the path and not the destination.  You help their entire family get through the dark, bumpy road when there is no GPS.  Thanks for helping this family.”

Lora – September 2011

“Hi James!!!!!! Hope you remember me, I was one of your firsts! LOL. Hope all is well and congratulations on your continued success, your school and approach to teaching changed my life, and got me through what was a difficult time back then. I am forever grateful to have met you James, and Vinny and Phil also!!! Hopefully one day we'll get a chance to catch up! Keep up the incredible work, you're an inspiration sir!!”

Gregory Therrien, class of 1997

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