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Science - Tuesdays

Dec. 3

Review for exam

Nov. 26th

Logic Homework

Environmental Science

Homework (Oct 27th)

October 15th

Stats Project Outline

Due October 29th

Linear equation homework

(Homework from class)

Electricity - Oct. 13th

In-class assignment

(October 1st)

Homework - due Oct 13

In-class assignment

(Sept. 17)

P.E. - Fridays

Art - Fridays

1- Watch the video below and then do the same exercises. Video your workout and send it to me.

2- Print out the chart and keep track of your activities over the weekend. Then send it to me.

Project - Thursdays

Law II - Nov. 5




Plastic - Netflix Party



Oct. 1st

Project proposal 1st step

September 18th

Family Tree

Sept. 17th - In-class

Social dilemma movie review

Sept. 13th 6PM


Sept. 10

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