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What We Do

Our Philosophy


Relationship-based education


By spending quality time with each student, we discover the way each one learns best. Once we understand this, teaching becomes much easier.


Low visible structure


A framework must exist, but it must be flexible enough to adjust quickly to important educational opportunities.


Informal environment


Students learn best when they are happy and secure. Our school environment is relaxed and provides the framework for individual and group learning.


Global Classroom


Learning happens all the time. Although the classroom is a good place to start, the real world is where we all end up, so we try to leave the classroom and head out on school trips as often as possible.

Elite Program

An active student is a focused student. We are a school in motion. With weekly outings and our 5K training program our students are always on the go.


We have noticed that our students' ability to concentrate in class has improved and their marks have increased. They have become more aware of what they eat and they claim that they always get a great night's sleep! 



We empower students to make healthy choices


Make learning fun


People, learning, respect,

           family, food, fun, friends, faith,             character development,

 environmental stewardship 

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