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Refugee crisis - our response

In a crisis, the most impressive human traits tend to rise to the surface. Some of these qualities include cooperation, ingenuity, and sacrifice. Presently, during the global refugee crisis it is quite heartening to see individuals and organizations working together in new ways and finding innovative methods to cover costs for a variety of critical projects.


Schools are hubs for humanitarian relief programs. Teachers encourage their students to invest their time and resources in the lives of others. To do this authentically the school’s staff must model it.


Education Plus High School is a remarkable school. Our staff and students have come up with a way to offer to accommodate refugee students who require our small school environment. We do not have language eligibility requirements because we are not subsidized by the government. 


The mood around the school is decidedly upbeat as we all look forward to welcoming new Canadian families and new classmates. We encourage other schools to look for ways that they can create programs that will make it easier for refugees to make Canada their home.

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