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Kim's Class

POP 2015


September 3:  Self Awareness, Mirror test (Youtube video –elephants)


Homework:  What makes you unique? – 200 word composition due Monday, September 8.  Rework throughout the week until satisfied.


September 8: Johari Window, Self-disclosure, Feedback

Youtube video – too much disclosure on date

In class personality test:  Look up letter results on internet and discuss

How to give feedback constructively

How to receive feedback graciously

Self disclosure – when is it ok to share?

Self disclosure exercise – high or low risk?


Homework:  Art project – using a container and pictures decorate the outside:

What do you know about yourself that others also know?

Put inside:  (not to be shared)

What things do you know about yourself that others don’t know?


September 15:  Interpersonal skills, Relationships (real and virtual)

Impact of technology

Family relationship


Casual relationships (coworkers, classmates) – value in networking

Intimate relationships

Watch movie Her


Homework:  300 word opinion piece on pros and cons of virtual relationships


September 22:  Communication

Body language (power positions)

The communication quiz

Top Ten Communication Tips

Good listening skills – exercises


Homework:  oral presentation using your preferred communication style (photography, teaching, writing a song)


September 29:  CEGEP and beyond

Aptitude test: (on line)

Dawson, Vanier, vocational training options

How to write a letter of intent, how to put together a portfolio

Fill in CEGEP application form


Homework:  Research two potential careers and describe the educational requirements to get there and why you think you would be good at it.


October 6:  Job search, Interviewing, Job application, resume preparation (Mars One)


October 13:  Role playing, review body language, appearance


October 20:  Anger management, conflict resolution, stress management


October 27:  Begin formal POP project (Hana, Nagah)


November 3: 


November 10: 


November 17: 


November 24: 


December 1: 


December 8: 


December 15:  presentations


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