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When our doors opened in 1995 we had four students.

Over the past 28 years we have taught over 2500 young people.

95% of the students who register, graduate!


In 1995 teacher James Watts and businessman David Brereton designed a new kind of school: one aimed at meeting the needs of de-motivated students.


This unique school was built on the following values:



Health & Safety

Individualized learning

Alternative approaches



Social Justice

The Environment

From this platform we use high school subjects as vehicles to help each student discover his or her purpose. To do this we physically explore our world and enthusiastically experience life, actively engaging our students in their own learning. Ultimately we discover that when we intentionally invest in the lives of others, we are truly rich!


Over the past 28 years we have watched hundreds of students thrive in this stimulating learning environment.

James Watts

Principal - Teacher

B.A. Concordia 
B.Ed. Concordia 
M.Ed. McGill 
Ph.D. Candidate Concordia 

James Watts is the founder of EdPus High School. He is an enthusiastic teacher who uses many different methods to share lessons with his students. He is the parent of two young adults, a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, an annual presenter at QPAT, and a sought-after public speaker. He is also the author of Happy Parent – a novel about parenting teens.

Najme Abdi


B.A. French Language & Literature

Hakim Sabzevari University

M.A. French Language & Literature

Ferdowsi University

Ph. D. student comparative literature University of Montreal

Najmeh has 4 years of professional experience in teaching French. She has taught children, teenagers and adults with creative and playful methods. Passionate and responsible, her goal is to make the classroom a lively and attractive environment for students. She is always looking to learn new things and she loves to travel and discover new cultures.

Sia Dassios




Parent Testimonials:




"Mr. Watts is not a conventional teacher. He uses the canvas of city life to create a stimulating learning environment. He takes his students out of the classroom to help them explore their physical and mental capacities."




"My son was falling through the cracks of the system and was just about to give up in Adult Ed when he tried a course at EdPlus (...). The change in him was amazing and I know it was due to Mr. Watts and his teaching, commitment and leadership of his team/students."



Student Testimonials:


"This school rocks! I can't stop learning stuff."

Kim Perry


B.A. Human Relations

Kim joined the EdPlus team in 2005. Her original task as office manager soon expanded into guidance counsellor, "nurse", and substitute teacher.  She currently teaches a life skills class and leads a cooking club at lunchtime.  Other responsibilities include meeting with parents, coordinating special events and inviting guest speakers.  Kim's office has become a safe place for students who need a time out or a pep talk. 

Gladys Makambo


Gladys is completing her last year at Concordia university in Human Relations. She works at a community center, taking care of seniors talking with them, going to appointments and organizing activities to break isolation. Seeing their faces after every activity brings her great joy. She is interning at EdPlus.

Sia Dassios is completing her bachelor's degree in Applied Human Sciences, while interning at Education Plus. She will pursue a Master's degree in Educational Studies. Sia would like to be a teacher or a professor. Sia is passionate about nature, art, and loves learning new skills. 

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