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This is a special page dedicated to our June 2020 graduates. They adjusted to the realities of COVID-19 and dedicated themselves to their education. During a time when the world around them was filled with uncertainty, they stayed focused and completed their assignments. We are all so proud of each one of you! 


My name is Yan and I attended Education Plus for 2 years. I work a full-time job at Indigo Pointe Claire. The reason I am not currently going to college is because I do not benefit from online schooling, I very much prefer going to school in person. Although I am dubious about the future, I know what my interests are, Cinema and Poetry, 2 subjects that if you ask me can very easily be conflated. I am not entirely sure where I see myself in the future, but I am confident that my path will brighten up as I keep on moving ahead. My goal at the moment is to make money and save as much as possible. I do not think this is a bad goal to have for a little while. But no matter where life leads, what is important is that I bring my positive values and attitude along with me. To whoever is reading, I wish you the best.

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I am an athlete and a graduate of Ed Plus. Before Ed Plus I had a few issues with knowing who I was and who I wanted to be. That was before, now my outlook has totally turned my mind around and made me find myself. Now I attend LaSalle College in computer science, and it is all thanks to Ed Plus. I now plan to keep playing in the big sports leagues or creating an amazing video game company, helping kids throughout the world with their education, while helping the homeless.


My name is Alex Nozewski. I was born in Quebec City and I moved to Montreal when I was 2. I grew up in NDG. My mom found Ed Plus in November 2019 when I was 15, when things weren’t going too well for me in my life. After attending Ed Plus for a couple weeks, I realized how much this school helps me and I don’t think I would’ve graduated at any other school. I only attended from November to March (we had online school until June), but James and Kim made me feel comfortable and they were great teachers for me. Not just academics-wise.The school was very far from my house but it was the only school I was willing to travel that far for or to go to for that matter. Right now I am working as an audio engineer in my home studio and I have clients coming every day to record songs, I absolutely love it. I produce, mix, and master. I’m going to business school for 6 months and then I’m planning on going to audio-engineering school. One day I’ll be one of the best in the music industry and you will see the name “Ace” everywhere.

My name is Ralph, and I’ve been a student at Education Plus for 2 years. I was born and raised in Montreal. Before attending Education Plus I was in a public school, which I wasn’t taking seriously. My parents got referred for me to go to EdPlus, which I started attending back in December 2018. Once I arrived at EdPlus I found it way different from a “normal” school environment, however over the weeks of being present, I slowly started enjoying myself, and figured out that our teachers James, Kim, and Catherine, actually cared about their students. With this being said I acknowledged that this is where I needed to be in order to continue with my future. My last year at EdPlus was way different from the year prior, we had been switched to an online-platform due to Covid-19, this was the green card to get my act in order and start working extra hard to get to the finish line and overall I can say it was a success – seeing as I graduated. Currently, I am attending college classes which are being taken online, nothing EdPlus hasn’t prepared us for. I am enjoying college, way different, and something to adapt to. As for my future, I have high standards of where I want to be, in terms of having my own firm (out of Montreal). Overall Education Plus became a second family, and I can reassure you – they prepare their students for everything!


My name is Rebecca and I’m currently a student at Dawson College in the law, society and justice program. I knew about Ed Plus because my brother went there, so when I started having a hard time with school, it seemed like the best option. When I started, I only had a few secondary IV credits, but James, Kim and Catherine all helped me get my secondary IV and V credits in the same school year so that I could graduate on time and attend cegep with my friends. I did have some rough patches at the beginning and end of the school year, but nobody ever gave up on me. I’m not really sure what I want to do in the future, but I’m grateful that this school has given me the opportunity to figure it out.

Hi! My name is Antonia! Honestly, EdPlus kind of opened my eyes compared to the other schools I went to.  I was used to just blending in with the crowd of students trying to get on the honour roll.  None of my teachers really paid any attention to me.  Then I started attending EdPlus and the teachers there helped me realize a lot of things but mostly that I could earn a grade of 80% and not just be satisfied with the minimum to pass.  I enjoyed my time there, even though I loved to complain about being in school on Fridays!  I am currently working on my goal of going to CEGEP.

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